3D Amateur Porn Tapes?

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Antonio asks if Homegrown accepts 3D:

Hy, I have made 3D virtual porn, so can you tell me can I sell it to you, do you buy that kinde. If you do i have lot of material that i will send you. Thank you for your time.

Homegrown Video will review 3D:

I am unfamiliar with format but we are definitely willing to take a look and make an offer if we like the footage. Please let me know if you need anything else.


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Samples of homemade sex tapes for Homegrown

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Nina inquires about amateur porn samples:

Just one more, do I send samples first? Planning on doing a video tomorrow. Thank you 🙂

Homegrown Video accepts samples conditionally:

Samples are ok and can be helpful at giving us an idea what to expect in terms of where the content will work best, but we can only make offers based on seeing the full and preferably unedited version. However, we can look at a lo-res copy to make an offer and if you accept the offer then upload the hi-res version.

Please let me know if you still have any questions,
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Amateur Porn on Galaxy S3

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Nina asks about shooting with her smart phone:

Hello my name is Nina Lopez,me and my boyfriend would love to work with your site. I was wondering if one video is Okay or would we have to shoot several videos before we get paid? Also wanting to shoot with a Samsung galaxy S3 phone wonder if that is fine?

Smartphones are genius for Homegrown:

Shooting on the phone should work as long as you shoot at the best HD resolution. The true advantage of shooting on the phone is that you can pretty much get away with using that anywhere… 😉

You do not have to send multiple videos in order to get paid.

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More Questions From Fetish Producer

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Chaos has a few more questions:

I appreciate your help. We have our sybian and a few other machines that we have built now so maybe we can do something with that. I will be shooting this weekend so I will shoot it and submit see where it goes from there. Would you like us to edit or do you. Also I shoot 3 angles with 3 cameras. Do you want me to send all the footage raw and no cuts at all? Or would you like us to rough cut them only. Also when we are shooting these machine vids do you allow any bondage at all or is that not proper for your site?

Homegrown Video has a question:

Three cameras? Are they synched? Typically, three camera shoots for amateur style content can be a nightmare to edit so we probably should just let you do the honors and see if it works. We are just now starting to accept bondage so that is acceptable. I like that you are creating unique machines so that is a plus too.

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Questions About Fetish And Trans For Homegrown Video

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Producer asks about Trans and Fetish Content:

We were looking at your rates and there was a “to be negotiated” regarding trans content and some of the fetish we shoot normally. Can you let me know if this is something that you are looking for. We shoot many fetishes with a focus on femdoms and tgirls. We also shoot many other scenes as well. If you can let me know what it is that you are looking for I am sure that with our talent pool we would be able to provide much content to you on a regular basis. We do squirters and sybian rides a lot. Just to name some.

I look forward to hearing from you and finding a permanent home for the content we shoot.

Homegrown Video can use most of it:

Right now the rates are about the same as the other stuff until we see how well it sells since it is all pretty new territory to us. We don’t do a lot with squirting but sybian we may still be interested in for our machine series.


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Amateur Porn From Portland Oregon

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hof_066_1-gina_0297Jeff makes Homegrown Videos:

Hi, my name is Jeff and I am just getting started in this business. My problem is not getting the girls. I have about 30 ready to start and get paid. I plan if everything goes well to send you at homegrown a shit load of the kind of videos you are describing in all the Q and A’s that is provided on your website. I could be wrong but I don’t think Oregon has as much porn as lets say California so I have a pretty good reach here. I am just a little nervous and cant pay them in advance so can you give me advise on this  as I am sure you have come across this problem that people ask you. And will we develope a working relationship between us? I could easily be sending you 30 movies a week and can tweak anything that need tweaked. I am just concerned and dont want to lie to any of these girls. I will pay them exactly what they have coming. I just don’t want to come off as a liar or have my house bunt down if I mislead them. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Jeff R.,  Portland,Oregon

Homegrown loves Portland Porn:

I am happy to advise you and hopefully put you on the right track.

 When you don’t have money to start with, then you need to only do movies with those who are willing to share the risk and the reward and trust in the process; you need people that are willing to shoot with you and be part of the deal, taking a cut of the price at the same time when you get paid.
We unfortunately do not do any sort of advances or anything like that. You are always welcome to have models research us so they know they are dealing with a legit company and we are available to answer any questions or concerns.
We have always loved Oregon for videos, having worked with producers in Portland and Eugene and a few other spots. We probably can’t take 30 movies a week because we have many other people submitting videos that we have to also consider, but you will always be able to find other buyers besides us once you get established.
Honesty is the only way to go. The more forthright you are, the more respect you earn, and the more the models trust that you won’t fuck them over when they are done getting fucked.
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Amateur Porn Submissions

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Martins wants to make amateur porn:

Hello there. I have few questions.

1. Bigger rate is with hairy pussy or shaved?
2. If we film straight sex, anal, tied up, dildo play, spanking and other stuff in one video, does it increases the possible earnings?
3. Is it ok if we have lets say 4 videos, cause we might have a problem with camera battery?

Homegrown Video answers:

1. We usually pay a bit more for good hairy bush stuff, but it is not guaranteed since we judge on the quality of the action as well. Still, we always look for good hairy pussy stuff since it is harder to find so it usually is quicker to make a sale for that reason, which is an advantage.
2. The more you do, the more fun you have, the more we like it usually. We really are most concerned about what you will authentically enjoy or want to experiment with trying. For example, we don’t want you to do anal if you just are focused on getting paid more but hate doing anal because that just hurts the energy of the action.
3. You can send scenes in multiple videos if you have to. That is not a problem.
Please let me know if you need anything else.



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Vera Hot Wife From Spain

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Vera from Spain writes:

Hi we are a couple from Spain about 50 years and are interested in participating on your website with our videos amateur porn. Our specialty is all about female domination, submission, fetish, strapon, spanking, feminization, piss, etc. exchange roles. We would like to know if you are interested in this type of videos.
We also do conventional sex, cum on face, cream pie, anal, exhibition, outdoor, etc. Strap-on in hubby is ok for video????
We would also like to know if the videos have to send them all in a scene or can be sent in various sequences. .
Thank you very much.

Homegrown Video replies:

Better than ok. That stuff is great for our cuckhold series. Let me know if you need anything else.
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Illuminatus Homemade Porn

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Illuminatus asked a couple amateur porn questions:

I saw you are buying an amateur homemade videos so I have a few questions. Do you accept videos from non-Americans ? I am from Europe. How often can I submit videos ? once a week, 10 times a months…

Homegrown Video responds:

In answer to your questions, we do accept videos from Europe. The frequency we can accept new videos depends on the amount of content we are receiving from other sources, what our DVD release dates are, etc. so that is not possible to answer definitively, especially without seeing your stuff.

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