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Chaos has a few more questions:

I appreciate your help. We have our sybian and a few other machines that we have built now so maybe we can do something with that. I will be shooting this weekend so I will shoot it and submit see where it goes from there. Would you like us to edit or do you. Also I shoot 3 angles with 3 cameras. Do you want me to send all the footage raw and no cuts at all? Or would you like us to rough cut them only. Also when we are shooting these machine vids do you allow any bondage at all or is that not proper for your site?

Homegrown Video has a question:

Three cameras? Are they synched? Typically, three camera shoots for amateur style content can be a nightmare to edit so we probably should just let you do the honors and see if it works. We are just now starting to accept bondage so that is acceptable. I like that you are creating unique machines so that is a plus too.