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Posted by jmar under amateur porn, anal sex, hairy bush on Thursday Nov 14, 2013


Martins wants to make amateur porn:

Hello there. I have few questions.

1. Bigger rate is with hairy pussy or shaved?
2. If we film straight sex, anal, tied up, dildo play, spanking and other stuff in one video, does it increases the possible earnings?
3. Is it ok if we have lets say 4 videos, cause we might have a problem with camera battery?

Homegrown Video answers:

1. We usually pay a bit more for good hairy bush stuff, but it is not guaranteed since we judge on the quality of the action as well. Still, we always look for good hairy pussy stuff since it is harder to find so it usually is quicker to make a sale for that reason, which is an advantage.
2. The more you do, the more fun you have, the more we like it usually. We really are most concerned about what you will authentically enjoy or want to experiment with trying. For example, we don’t want you to do anal if you just are focused on getting paid more but hate doing anal because that just hurts the energy of the action.
3. You can send scenes in multiple videos if you have to. That is not a problem.
Please let me know if you need anything else.



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Aura wants to know about the ssn requirement for Homegrown Video submittals:


I noticed for submits you ask for an SSN, can I become a homegrown star from Canada?


Homegrown Video welcomes Canadian Amateurs too…

We don’t require a SSN from non-USA residents so you are completely welcome to submit videos. I need to add this to our FAQ on because that is the third time this week the same issue has been raised… so I thank you not only for bringing it to my attention but also for lighting a fire under my butt to take care of that!

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We need the following niches listed below in order of priority:

  1. Amateur Big Dicks
  2. Amateur Outdoor Sex
  3. Big Tit Amateur Girls
  4. Amateur Anal Sex
  5. Amateur College Girls
  6. Amateur Deepthroat Blowjobs
  7. Amateur Handjobs

We also need cuckhold and interracial scenes for new series we intend to launch.

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Romanian amateur sex videos

Posted by jmar under hairy bush, Homegrown Video, homemade porn on Saturday Sep 22, 2012

Octavian asks from Romania:
I’m from Romania and I want to be a producer. We do not have “Social Security,” they write in the box? Maybe you can send a completed copy for guidance. For both forproducer and model. Theneed to tell the shooting started he was not forced, he has notused drugs, etc., in English or Romanian? Thank you.
Homegrown Video replies:
The pictures look ok but I would have to see video to give you a complete answer. However, we are less concerned about camera quality and more focused on quality of the action so it shouldn’t be an issue. The only kind of video we won’t accept any more is vhs-C, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Toby asks:

I was going through old posts and found that the Sex Machines series was discontinued about a year ago. I was wondering if this was due to a lack of good content being submitted, or lack of interest/sales. I ask because I am interested in producing some Sybian videos with local amateurs, and thought of you guys first as a place to try to sell to. Is there any demand for this kind of content, and if so do you have any tips specific to shooting Sybian scenes? Also, where would this fall on the rates scale? Same as Female Solo Masturbation + Toys, or does the Sybian get extra credit beyond standard toys?

Homegrown Video says:

We can still take “machine videos” and we may resurrect the series in the future. I am not sure that we necessarily would pay more for a Sybian scene but I can say that they generally make better scenes if the real orgasms are in full effect and that makes them more valuable to us. Also, we don’t need for the scenes to be strictly solos, feel free to expand the possibilities by getting couples etc.

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Curvy Amateur Girls 21 – This series is for women with curves, but is not necessarily bbw. We are looking for big natural boobs and nice round butts. Women with a little meat on the bones are perfect; no skinny little minnies allowed.

Well Hung Amateurs 26 –  Guys with less than 8″ inches need not apply… and no measuring tricks because we know them all! An exception to the rule might be a guy with a super thick dick but usually we are looking for scenes with guys that have huge cocks fucking chicks with small, tight pussies.

Amateur Anal Attempts 34 – The less experienced the better when shooting scenes for Anal Attempts. We want to see all the preparation and especially the initial insertion shot. If the guy goes up her ass and starts banging away before her butt is ready then we know you are cheating…

Handjobs Across America 42 – Try your best to keep it fresh and unique. The scenes that work best have some element of risk or risque involved. Just sitting there getting a hand job on your couch and shooting POV is just too formula. Try and be creative!

Cherries 88 – Young and pretty co-ed types are what we look for in this series. The less tattoos and more fresh and innocent the better.

Deepthroat Virgins 46 – Once again, like Anal Attempts if it looks like the girl has taken a cock deep down her throat a million times before then that is not as intriguing as the earnest young slut that is doing her best to learn the skill in order to improve her erotic repertoire.

Backyard Amateurs 35 – With Summer season looming, now is the time to get your freak on in the great outdoors. We want hot sex caught in the beauty of nature, beaches, woods, yards, etc. but if you can get away with some sneaky stuff outside then that is great too.

Natural Bush 62 – One of our most popular series and always in need of good new scenes, we want hairy pussies and the hairier the better.

Cream Pie 79 – Another staple of our library, people love good cream pie videos. Maybe because they are sick of watching guys have to jerk themselves off to cum or maybe be because people just more easily identify with cumming in the pussy or ass than they do pulling out and jerking off.

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Hairy pussy amateur videos!

Posted by jmar under amateur porn, hairy bush on Tuesday Dec 13, 2011


One thing I always like to remind y’all about is that we are always, forever, eternally, absolutely on the hunt for hairy pussy amateur videos! We can never get enough because it is hard to get them in a society that somehow has decided that all women have to sport super trimmed or uber-bear pussies. I know from my old school porn days that the only reason having a super hairy pussy was discouraged was  due to the difficulties inherent in lighting for close up penetration shots. Too much bush meant too little light would get through the heavy shadows.

Nowadays, with the improvements in the cameras being able to read light well in lower illumination situations, there really isn’t a technical reason for it other than the cosmetic issues assumed by curly soft pussy hairy poking out around skimpy panties – which no fan of hairy pussy will have have a problem with I assure you.

So, especially if you live in a colder climate, and aren’t worried about wearing the thong to the beach, and would love the opportunity to not have to deal with shaving, waxing, lasering, etc., then give yourself a break. Grow out your natural pussy hair and shoot some homemade sex videos!

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Homegrown Video is seeking scenes for the following series listed in order of priority from first to last:

  1. Curvy Amateur Girls
  2. HG Amateur Co-Ed
  3. Deepthroat Virgins
  4. Homegrown Video
  5. Cream Pie 75
  6. Well Hung Amateurs
  7. Handjobs Across America
  8. Housewives Unleashed
  9. Amateur Anal Attempts
  10. Horny Over 40

Also, on a special note, we are interested in scenes with a bridal theme as well as cuckhold scenes. We don’t yet have a specific series or site that we need them for yet so the specs are pretty open on what to shoot. You are even welcome to combine bridal and cuckhold action into one so that you are covered for either niche.

On another note, “Homegrown Co-eds” is essentially the same type of niche as “Cherries” – young, fresh faces, ideally 18-25 years old in a variety of hardcore sex action.

Thanks and make sure to have as much fun as possible; as always, that is what we like to see in each and every amateur sex video we purchase!

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A dick in the hand is worth two in the bush...


So, after I posted suggestions for improving hand job videos I received this email:

“Hello Homegrown,

Uploaded to ftp server a bit of commando footage, from an impromtu handjob by Jacki Love with some pineapple rings.   Let me know if you guys like it!

Thank you,

Absolute Deviant”

Now that is what I am talking about! Shooting in a public space and using some pineapple rings; that just sounds crazy and cool and an excellent way to get more juicy content, shall we say.

Also, notice in the picture above how many different niches are so smartly represented: You got some hairy pussy, big natural boobs, threesome, handjob, outdoor. Shots like this give us plenty of options on which line the video might go in. That helps when it comes to picking the scene for a particular release and helping us make our jobs easier of course makes it easier to pay faster!

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When shooting amateur xxx for Homegrown Video, everyone wants to know how they can get paid as quickly as possible. There are a  few things to keep in mind. First, remember that we get homemade porn from all over the world. We do try to accept as much material as possible and we do have a lot of series that you can aim at shooting for. Keep in mind though that we only devote so much in our budget to acquisitions every month. So, the balance between our spending for new material and the demands for when a particular title is released, which is referred to as a “street date”, are the factors that have the greatest impact on how quickly you will be paid.

For example, if you are sending us a hot milf scene, we may already have enough scenes collected that month for the next release of “Horny Over 40″ but we may still need a scene or two for the next “Homegrown Housewives”… but since that title might not have a street date until two month later we may say we want the scene and make an offer. However, it will not be paid until all the scenes are needed for the “Housewives” title. Obviously, we have to pay for the Housewife scene in advance of the release date, but we would slate to pay for it 30 days later. In that scenario, it is paid for 30 days in advance of when it would actually be released.

Here are some handy tips for how to get paid the fastest:

  • Check this site fairly frequently, weekly or biweekly is recommended, because we post updates on what titles we need scenes for the fastest. You don’t have to shoot for the top one if it is not necessarily your niche, for example you see “Cherries” is number one and you are a 40+ year old hot wife then that might not exactly be your cup of tea or pocket of condoms. However, you might see that “Homegrown Housewives” is third on the list so that would be a good choice to shoot for.
  • Try to cover more than one niche to broaden your chances. If you are a sexy wife and up for shooting outside then we might need your scene for “Horny Over 40” or “Backyard Amateurs” so covering both niches doubled your chances of making it into one
  • We pretty much are always looking for cream pie, well hung, and hairy pussy scenes so if you can cover stuff in any of these niches then that is always a huge help. Cream pie scenes get special consideration if the guy goes the extra mile and goes down on his partner after delivering the goods so to speak…
  • Make sure that when you submit that you give us all the information we need to make things go smoothly. Most importantly, we need to see the model releases and IDs and the entire selection of footage. If you send just a one minute sample then we are only going to ask to see the rest and that will take time and time means someone else may get a video in that doesn’t have those issues so your place in the queue just went to another submitter.
  • Feel free to hit us up because good communication always helps, as the saying goes “the squeaky condom gets the lube”!
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