Pay Rate Schedule for Amateur Videos


This is a guideline for amateur producers to review and determine what types of niches are available to shoot and what rate can be expected to be paid for a particular type of content. It also offers Homegrown Video a practical negotiation reference point to help determine an offer for the content based on an average that we pay for a particular niche or type of content.

How does it work? There is an average rate the amateur producer should try to attain for their content. There are criteria and standards that will either improve the offer to pay higher than average, or determine a discount based on specific standards not being met. For example, if we are getting rights limited instead of full rights to the video, in which case we would be getting a non-exclusive deal, then we would offer less. However, if the video has a special quality, like it was shot on top of the Empire State Building with a former Playboy Playmate then we will offer higher than the average.

The Homegrown Video Content Manager will review a new submittal, then send an offer of acceptance along with a bid, or send a rejection. Either way, the content manager will make it clear how to achieve better results for future submissions regardless of whether content is accepted or rejected.

Every scene that is accepted will be reviewed and initial offers made according to the rate chart. The Niches we are looking for within any given month is subject to change. If you would like to know what we are currently looking for or if you want to negotiate further after you receive and review our offer, then contact the content manager directly.


RATES Guide:

Boy / Girl Sex

  • Straight sex with cumshot $400-$700
  • Straight sex with Facial $400-$500
  • Cream pie $450-$750
  • Interracial $400-$600
  • Curvy / big natural boobs / bbw $300-$600
  • S&M / Cuckhold / Clothed Female: $650-$850
  • Hairy pussy $300-$600
  • Anal $400-$500
  • Big cock $450-$700



  • Regular $300-$400
  • Prostate massage $350-$450


Blow job:

  • Regular with facial $350-$500
  • Deep throat with facial $400-$550


Girl / Girl:

  • Regular $300-$600
  • Anal $400-$700



  • Threesome Boy/Girl/Girl: $500-$800
  • Threesome Boy/Boy/Girl: $450-$750
  • Threesome Boy/Girl/Trans: To Be Negotiated
  • Other Threesomes: To Be Negotiated



  • $1100-$1500


Orgy’s (5 or more):

  • $1300-$2000, negotiable



Content offers based on the listed rates may be discounted or raised by bonuses. Here is a list of factors we will consider that will either lower or raise the average price we will pay for the content.

We want submitters to do their best to try and earn the best rates possible, but we are willing to forgive everyone if the video is not perfect, we just might not pay as much for it, but we will let producers know how to improve and make more in the future!


These penalty charges are ballpark numbers. Each scene will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • No photos included: -$200 (NOTE: We always like to get AT LEAST 20-30 photos so that we can use them for DVD BOXCOVERS!)
  • Bad technical quality, lighting: -$100
  • Bad technical quality, sound: -$100
  • Bad video work/quality/resolution: -$50 to $100
  • Performance issues: -$150
  • Scene under 20 minutes: -$100
  • Scene under 14 minutes: -$200 (not to be combined with the 20 minute penalty)
  • Limited copyright, non-exclusivity: to be negotiated
  • Trade for ad/link from Homegrown Video: to be negotiated



  • Additional cum shots:  +$50 per “money” shot
  • Additional camera angels: +$50 per angle
  • Scene over 45 minutes:  +$100 to +$200
  • Top seller:  +$250 ( added to next scene purchase)
  • Exceptional scenes, unique, original, splendid, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, boner popping:  +$250