After responding to the previous inquiry about taboo content:

Thanks for the feedback.  How about things like the patient going to send her doctor who is dodgy and feels her up as he examines her and then seduces her.  Like to make it so it has a comedy element ie a little Benny Hill style or slapstick if you know what I mean?  Are these sorts of thing of interest or is it pretty much just straight sex scenes?  My last idea whilst not original was the girl who comes in for what she thinks is a normal massage which turns out to be very erotic and ends in sex?  Sorry for the twenty questions, last question, would sex scenes with condoms be ruled out as I am finding many of the girls that I have interested in performing with me will only do safe sex (I am in Australia)?
Thanks for your time Farrell, I am keen to produce some content you can use so appreciate your feedback.
Kind regards

Homegrown Video opens the door to biz:

All those scenarios are acceptable. Condoms are ok. The most important thing to us is that people are having fun and feeling safe goes a long way to making that possible. Comedy is fine; just keep in mind that people will be watching to get turned on and if the slapstick takes over the dick slapping then you will be running the risk of distraction. Generally though, especially in real amateur videos, the natural comedy that ensues unscripted and naturally from the action works best, at least in my experience with non-actors.
Hope that helps and please let me know if you need anything else.
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