Pro-am content from Europe

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A production company in Europe wants to license pro-am  footage

Do you need some hard / soft stuff?I have new content available. Let me know if I can help you please. What would you be interested in licenses or scenes. I can give you full rights: Internet / mobile / tubes / Print / DVD worldwide and unlimited.Could we start maybe a good partnership this end of year’? I can give you very good rates for a bulk orders in multiple niches with full rights, included tube sites. please any extra question feel free to ask me.

Homegrown Video is focusing mostly on true amateur porn these days but…

Right now we are taking all submittals for consideration on site so if you have any scenes that you want us to consider that would be the place to start. We are primarily working with self-shot amateurs these days but we would still be open to considering your videos, although to be honest, from what I have scene from samples so far, your stuff is a little to “pro” for what we are looking for, generally speaking.

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More legal questions

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John has more questions:

In trying to research this issue, it’s come to my awareness that there ought to be an easily accessible, government site that is a reference for ALL laws federal and state.  Seems only right being that we are subject to them that they should be easily accessible without retaining a lawyer to tell that your breaking the law.  If it’s possible to say, do you know of producers paying models in advance in places other than California based on the content you’ve acquired?
Thanks for the insight.
Homegrown sic:
This is only hearsay, again, I am not an attorney.
My understanding is that when you sell the video to us in California, you are not breaking the law. If the tape is later found to be illegal because it is deemed obscene then we are most likely going to take the liability but there is potential for you to be found responsible for mailing it to us in the first place. The good news is we don’t buy anything that we expect to get prosecuted for. Also, we are literally a reflection of a community’s standards since our  content is mostly produced by non-professionals therefore it is harder to claim that it violates the standards for obscenity in a given community. Ultimately, no one wants to get in trouble, but there is no 100% guarantee that we won’t, but the fact is that we never have and work hard to avoid excessive liability too as we forge ahead.
I certainly appreciate that you are looking into all this. Too few people take all these things into consideration before they start.
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V. wants to know what the deal is with sex machine videos:

Approximately  how much will you pay for sex machine videos?

Homegrown Video  needs more details:

Depends on the action, whether or not it is with a partner, solo, etc. and depends on the machine. Check out and review the rates guide for a general idea. I will have to add something specifically about machines in there but I need to discuss it with my partner first so I will have to get back to you to give a more definitive answer asap.

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More questions about IDs needed for amateur sex video submittals:

What if she covers her name on the id?

Homegrown Video replies:

Still not ok. The law is very specific that we need real government issued IDs with real names and birth dates. If she is unwilling to provide the ID, then from our experience she probably isn’t really ready or entirely ok with the idea of doing it, so I would either find someone else or be patient waiting until she knows she is up for it.

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Natalie inquires about squirting:

I have been reviewing your website for submitting my amateur porn.  Is there a niche for squirting?  Could I submit a solo squirting video?

Homegrown Video gushes:

Depends, we can take squirting, but we cannot accept peeing. Most time when people say squirt they actually mean pee but as long as you know the difference then we are all on the same page. In any event, we can take a look. The most important thing to us for solos is truly getting off. We get so many solos that we tend to be sort of picky and the ones we reject tend to be full of big fake “pornstar” style orgasm theatrics.

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Curvy Amateur Girls 21 – This series is for women with curves, but is not necessarily bbw. We are looking for big natural boobs and nice round butts. Women with a little meat on the bones are perfect; no skinny little minnies allowed.

Well Hung Amateurs 26 –  Guys with less than 8″ inches need not apply… and no measuring tricks because we know them all! An exception to the rule might be a guy with a super thick dick but usually we are looking for scenes with guys that have huge cocks fucking chicks with small, tight pussies.

Amateur Anal Attempts 34 – The less experienced the better when shooting scenes for Anal Attempts. We want to see all the preparation and especially the initial insertion shot. If the guy goes up her ass and starts banging away before her butt is ready then we know you are cheating…

Handjobs Across America 42 – Try your best to keep it fresh and unique. The scenes that work best have some element of risk or risque involved. Just sitting there getting a hand job on your couch and shooting POV is just too formula. Try and be creative!

Cherries 88 – Young and pretty co-ed types are what we look for in this series. The less tattoos and more fresh and innocent the better.

Deepthroat Virgins 46 – Once again, like Anal Attempts if it looks like the girl has taken a cock deep down her throat a million times before then that is not as intriguing as the earnest young slut that is doing her best to learn the skill in order to improve her erotic repertoire.

Backyard Amateurs 35 – With Summer season looming, now is the time to get your freak on in the great outdoors. We want hot sex caught in the beauty of nature, beaches, woods, yards, etc. but if you can get away with some sneaky stuff outside then that is great too.

Natural Bush 62 – One of our most popular series and always in need of good new scenes, we want hairy pussies and the hairier the better.

Cream Pie 79 – Another staple of our library, people love good cream pie videos. Maybe because they are sick of watching guys have to jerk themselves off to cum or maybe be because people just more easily identify with cumming in the pussy or ass than they do pulling out and jerking off.

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The most frequent question Homegrown Video gets asked is “when will I get paid?” The answer is always going to be based on how soon we need the content in relation to when it will appear in publication, either on our website or on DVD. There are some handy tips for getting your homemade sex videos “fast tracked” so that you can potentially be paid much faster than average. A “fast track” video is a sex scene that we determine needs to be purchased and published ahead of normal month to month plotted releases scheduled for publication on our sites, as well as ahead of DVDs. We make that call on whether or not something is fast track worthy based on a few criteria.

  • If you sold us an amateur porn scene and we received tremendously positive response to it and our members are clamoring for more, then we might request more videos from you to fast track
  • If we have an upcoming DVD release scheduled and remain short a scene or two from our usual number per DVD, then we need to fill those slots asap. To take advantage of this we recommend checking this site regularly to see the notices we run for content we need in order of priority.
  • When we receive content that is or might be tied to a public relations mainstream media wave that we want to ride, then we will move on it quickly.
  • If we think a scene or an amateur model is going to be a huge sensation and quickly be swept up and become a big star, then we will buy as many scenes as possible before the star maker machinery ruins everything


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Homegrown Video loves Housewife Kelly!

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Hi Timlake,
I am Shawn from I’m not sure if Timlake is your first or last name because I met you and played some poker with you in your hotel suite at a show down in Hollywood, Fl like 5 years ago and I think you introduced yourself as Farrel:-) Kelly and I are the latest addition to your “Neighbors” section of and we are very happy to be affiliated with you. We are in our 30s now but we use to watch Homegrown Video DVDs together like ten years ago before we ever thought we would be in the adult biz ourselves, haha. You guys totally inspired me to start and we are doing very well with it so I want to thank you for that 🙂

The other reason I am emailing you is because we just produced our first DVD. Its something I have wanted to do for a long time but I didn’t want to rush into it because I wanted to do it right. I know HGV started as a DVD biz and you guys have done very well so I am calling on you for a little advice. I don’t just want to sell our DVDs on I want them to be distributed to adult video stores across America just like all of the great HGV DVDs. Do you think you can offer me any advice?

Thus replied:

I would be happy to give you some advice and check out the dvd, and many thanks on the compliments! We are happy to be working with y’all too.

The unfortunate reality of DVD distribution these days is that it pretty much is almost dead and gone the way of VHS. We used to routinely sell a few thousand of a number and now we are lucky to sell a few hundred. I can give you better advice after I see what the dvd looks like but there are a few things to consider right off the bat.
  • US distributors are limited, essentially Pulse, Pureplay, and IVD are the only reputable ones around and IVD actually handles   a large portion of sales for the first two of those.  The problem of a ton of producers out there but only a few buyers buying less and less makes it hard to introduce new lines into fewer and fewer shelves.
  • Depending on whether or not you are providing packaging as well will make a difference what distributors will offer but it will of course also drive up costs as well. Printers will only do certain minimum orders which make it difficult because then you are committed to maintaining inventory since it tends to be more than you will sell on initial release.
  • If you are going to Vegas this year to find dvd distribution make sure to watch out – you can usually pick out the shady ones because they will be telling you exactly what you want to hear.
Pretty bleak, but on a plus side you have a popular web brand and that will help as well as being in a very popular niche. On a side track to DVDs – we would welcome the chance to license some of your scenes for Homegrown and give you promo from that as well. Plus, we would certainly be open to carrying your dvds in our online store as a retailer.
Hope that helps!



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On the outside, sure, you can say sex is sex is sex and seen one amateur porn and you might as well have seen them all. So, how does that explain how Homegrown Video has endured all these years where so many other amateur porn companies have come and gone the way of the dodo bird. We like to say it is because of our “XXX” factor. The critical thing that we look for is not necessarily how good looking people are but way more importantly that what they are doing looks good, as in you can tell they are actually having fun… and you wish you were right there too.

real sex, real fun

Ever notice that in so many amateur sex movies you see these days that the people don’t smile, the pussies seem bone dry, and you can almost set your watch to the predictable sex? That is what I call “McDonald’s Porn”. It doesn’t matter how crappy and cheesy it is because people will still consume it. At Homegrown though, we pride ourselves on being “organic”, “all  natural”, no “whore moans” added. We seek the real deal amateurs that come from the best place possible – sincerity. We look for people that are doing it not just for a paycheck but also for the sheer fun of it.


Your lucky day...


We know there is a difference. We realize fans of real homemade sex videos are savvy enough to know the difference too. In fact, we know that the fans know better than anyone, and they are the quickest to let  us  know what they like or don’t like and rather than impose our own standards and force them to watch what we think they would like – we actually listen and try to do right by them and give them what they actually want.


Hot girls, hotter sex, Homegrown is real user submitted content

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We need videos for the following series listed in order of priority first to last:

  1. Homegrown Video
  2. Cream Pie
  3. Deepthroat Virgins
  4. Well Hung Amateurs
  5. HG Amateur Co-Ed
  6. Natural Bush
  7. Sex Kittens
  8. Cherries
  9. Curvy Amateur Girls
  10. Handjobs Across America

If you are unfamiliar with the specifications for each of these series then check out the guidelines link for more information.

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