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Faq Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is not a problem. Just let us know where you would like them sent.
Our email address:
Our Submission Address:
Attn: Submittals
26895 Aliso Creek Road, B20
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

You must email us first for notice and get an email approval if you are planning on sending tapes, drives, or discs if don’t plan on uploading them.
Well, we certainly don’t want it to come off that way but we have to keep ourselves safe from legal issues arising. If you have a problem with any of the terms then let us know and we can discuss it.
Sure, you can shoot for all the series that you think you would do best in.
We don’t have a maximum that you can submit; however, make sure to keep things fresh, imaginative, and non-repetitive so you give us a reason to stay interested. If you exceed the limit on filesanywhere when you upload then contact us and we will get you more storage for your upload.
A digital camera is ok as long as it can capture video in .avi or .mov format or any type of uncompressed video. You will also need a big enough card to capture a long enough clip.
Yes. We accept material in almost every format.
We want a specific length so much as we want the action to only go on as long as everyone is having fun and the energy is good.
Right now we are working on a better solution for our Cam option and will have a solution in the very near future.
Every way is acceptable and some ways are more suited to certain types of scenes than others. Most important is what will work for you so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the camera. Working with a camera person / director is fine as long as they don’t try to “over direct” the action and talk incessantly in the background giving stage directions. We really want the action captured naturally and don’t want the sort of “paint by numbers” approach that too many “directors” often do.POV style is good as well but make sure to get lots of coverage. This means getting good close ups and full body shots and whatever else you can do – try to think about what the viewing audience would like to see. When shooting from a tripod make sure to keep the action in the frame of the shot and change the camera perspective/angle/frame every now and then.
Review our rate card to get an idea how much you can make for your videos.
Typically, we don’t favor distribution deals since there is no independent way of verifying how many are sold. So that means we both have to rely on whatever our distributor says were sold. And since buyers do things like send back unsold stock and delay payment sometimes, as well as other accounting nightmares, we just avoid the problem entirely based on our previous experiences. We can do a release that contains all scenes shot by you, but we won’t promise to do that until we have worked with you and developed a trusting and solid working relationship. We are always open to new ideas though, and if you think there is a niche that you could fulfill then we are open to discussion and possible development.
No, we accept content from all countries and every language.
We need ids and releases at the same time we get video, most importantly. We need to protect ourselves from the first time we look at the material with regard to 2257 regulations so we won’t even look at any content that does not have that information. You can upload/send the Producer Agreement once we have agreed to a deal.
You can leave that blank until a price has been discussed and agreed upon or you can make a suggested price from which to negotiate and send in a final version of the contract once we are all in agreement; whichever you prefer is suitable for us.
We get a lot of videos per month, but we have a high volume need for fresh material too so we are always in the market for fresh video. We will not promise to buy a specific number of videos per month, but the more comfortable we get working with you the easier it will be to submit more frequently. Asking what we need the most and the soonest is always a good idea.
Yes, you can send in videos, disc, or drives still but we prefer you upload if possible. Upload samples.
We would put your stage name with the video unless instructed by you to do otherwise.
We will NOT publish anything unless we have a signed producer agreement and a payment has been made. There are plenty of ways for you to research our reputation as a company if you are the least bit concerned about our integrity though. We delete any content that we do not reach an agreement on or we return it to you if you mailed it in rather than uploaded it.
Regarding your second question, there are two ways that producers usually compensate the models. Either the models are paid up front, or the producer pays them with a percentage of the payment we make to the producer. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, the producers that have worked with us for a while or producers that have strong industry prior experience will pay the models up front and expect to make enough from the sale where the producer is happy. For people that are just getting started and don’t have a great deal of up front capital then the “pay when I get paid” plan has advantages.
It should ideally be the model’s stage name and whatever the basic action niche is, for example ”Jane Doe BJ”
You would put either your name – if you are getting paid as a sole proprietor, meaning to you directly under your real name so you can cash the check at the bank, or a company name if you have set yourself up to be paid under a corporate entity.
Yes, you can wear a mask, but we need some footage of the people in the video before the masks go on so we can make sure that they are the same people on the IDs. We will edit that part out so the public does not see the performers without the mask; that is just so we are protected.