Contest Guidelines

All submissions must:

  • Be at least 15 minutes long
  • Be shot in landscape orientation (horizontal viewing mode)
  • Be shot in HD 1920×1080 aspect ratio (16:9 video format) or better
  • Include sex in any position
  • Include a cumshot
  • Include 2 or more persons

Other submission rules:

  • We cannot accept any footage with any music or any other copyrighted material including TV, movie or a website on in the background. Audio or video.
  • All top 10 submissions will be required to submit model releases for each person in the video plus current picture identification for the country where the video was filmed. All identification must be high resolution, clear, color photos. They must have been issued before the Date of Production (the date the video was filmed) and expire after.
  • All top 10 submissions will be required to submit either a W9 (for US based films) or a foreign submission letter (for non-US based films)
  • All submissions must abide by federal 2257 reporting requirements:

Xplor Series Descriptions & Guidelines


Smiles! No fake moaning; we want real, happy people.

Passion and real emotion is the best thing about amateur and reality porn – get people that will have natural sexual chemistry together like married couples and boyfriends and girlfriends. If you are working with more “pro-am” talent then make sure there will be mutual attraction. We want the action’s heat to come from someplace inside of people and not with all the silly antics of people doing the stereotype of “hot sex”.

Spontaneity is very important. We want the video shot completely documentary style with no interruptions from the director/camera person. Interruptions include things like off-screen stage direction and strobe flashes from still cameras. If you have to gab with the people having sex then do it when the camera is paused.

Don’t just start with them naked, have them dressed and do an interview or set-up that is appropriate to the type of scene. Example: if you are shooting a Housewives scene, have them cleaning the kitchen, reading on the couch, etc. Don’t just turn on the camera and have them be naked immediately.

Do a post-sex interview; stay on the action/girl after the cum-shot, film her cleaning up, walking to the bathroom/shower. Don’t just cut after the pop shot. We want to see what girl does after the scene-is she happy? Pissed? Shell shocked? What does she do first? Get off bed, smile and lie there, get up to go to bathroom? Follow her to bathroom-ask a couple of questions-was it fun, would she do it again? How does the cum taste? How does the cream pie feel? These after-sex reality moments are priceless, and you miss them by shutting the camera off too soon after the pop. Let it roll and see what happens!

Try to get more than enough action! We need more footage, 15-60 minutes each scene for sex and another 10 to 15 minutes split between of pre-sex tease and post-sex interview. If it gets boring on the bed go to the bathroom, or kitchen, change the position, or whatever to keep things moving, hot, and fun.

Have fun with it, this is sex, not a tax audit!


  • Bad Sound: Try not to shoot in too much wind, avoid back chatter, and bumping the microphone one way or another.
  • Bad lighting: Watch out for impenetrable shadows! Don't shoot against the light! Meaning, don’t shoot when strong light is behind your model. It creates a silhouette effect -so shoot with the light behind the camera.
  • Shaky camerawork. Learning to handle the camera will also cut down on excessive camera noise.
  • Be judicious in use of the ZOOM, better to move the camera manually. There are three reasons for this:
    1. Zooming in and out causes dramatic change in lighting as the amount of light which will be allowed into the lens decreases the more one zooms. These changes can result in focus issues for the camera especially in AUTO mode.
    2. Zooming the camera being held by hand enhances the natural shake of the operator's hand giving the image being captured an earthquake effect that can make viewers seasick. In addition, not many people can properly control the rate of zoom in or out.
    3. Zooming without forethought can lead to haphazard shots of indefinable shapes and lead to a frenzied search for the intended frame of action – for example, like trying to get a penetration shot when you aren’t sure if you are shooting the thigh or the belly.
  • Tripods are ok for some situations and for a limited amount of time-just be aware of what VIEWER is seeing, not just what you, as talent, are seeing. Make sure you are both in frame-nobody wants to see an hour of a hairy male's backside or have the woman’s head chopped off by a too tight framing which leaves her head out of the shot for 10 minutes.
  • Film pointing TOWARDS the female talent, NOT THE MALE. She should always be the focus.
  • NO talking from camera guy unless it is a POV shoot and he is the stud. This is erotica, not bad stand- up. Better to make a sex video then to try being funny in a way that will turn viewers off.
  • We want the hot scenes; keep the boring ones for someone else… preferably our competitors.
  • We cannot accept any footage with any music on it or any other copyrighted material including TV, movie or a website on in the background. Audio or video.
  • No people in background (that we don’t have model releases for).

All paperwork must be filled out legibly, signed and have a stage name which includes a first and last name.

No expired or blurry photo IDs. *See next page for more information on this.

For people just getting started on shooting amateur porn we suggest a “three shot” method to shooting the action. In this, the videographer makes an effort to get 3 basic shots per sex position -Wide, Medium and Close-Up. When the sex position changes noticeably or there is plenty of footage on the first three shots then change your shooting position and repeat the sequence, one, two, three, one, two, three, and so on. Make sure to linger on each shot long enough to appreciate the view.


  2. TRY TO GET FEMALE TALENT’S FACE IN THE SAME FRAME AS THE PENETRATION; viewers love to see facial expressions with the penetration shots. If you need to do a bit of directing to make sure that you get the shot then keep it sexy. For example “look at me while your wet pussy is getting fucked” is way more desirable than saying “Can you look into the camera now so I can get this shot”.
  3. Keep the camera where the action is and avoid things that won’t turn anyone on – like long cutaways to things like the books on the shelf or the lamp on the table.
  4. KEEP ROLLING AFTER THE CUMSHOT-NEVER CUT CAMERA! Get footage of post sex conversation, clean-up, shower etc.


We have essentially two varieties of content, true amateur and pro-amateur which is also sometimes referred to as “reality”, “gonzo”, or “pro-am”. For our truly amateur series called “Homegrown Video” we want only truly authentic amateur video action; however for our other series a mix of more pro and amateur performers is ok. Shooting for our Homegrown series most anything goes, you get whatever happens but for our pro-am titles we have more specific requirements. It is crucial to understand the differences and the requirements of each so you can make the best dollar amount possible per submittal.


  1. A model release and ID for each person in the scene. All IDs must be high resolution, clear, color photos, preferably on CD. They must have been issued before the Date of Production and expire after. Tip: Use the macro feature on your digital camera. A macro setting changes the focus of the camera so it can focus on very close objects. It is sometimes represented by a flower symbol on the menu. Watch out for flash, it often obscures needed information. IDs must be government issued i.e. Driver’s License, State Issued Identification Card or Passport.
  2. Photos!! Uploaded or on CD/DVD. Please see guidelines for photos on next page and series descriptions below for tips specific to each series.


We accept HD footage (1280x720 or greater) in the video formats listed below. We will not accept Beta SP, VHS, HI-8, DVCAM or Mini DV tape.


You can upload samples and photos to our submitter upload page:

Be sure to include all appropriate documentation which includes:

  • IDs
  • Model Releases
  • 2013 Contact Info Form
  • Bio Questionnaire
  • Foreign Shoot Letter (if non-US based)

If you need to upload raw footage that is too large for our upload page, please contact to have FTP access setup.

We accept the following video formats:

  • Uploaded footage from cell phones, camcorders etc. (AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders)
  • .avi
  • .mpg
  • .mov
  • .mts
  • .mp4
  • .wmv – only for samples

Please visit for more information, tips and answers to your questions.


We need unique and creative images-NOT a pictorial or depiction of just the sex scene. Yes we can use these but we don’t need more than 20-30 of these "sex action shots".

We would rather not see 50 or 100 shots of poses in a chair or on a bed or in front of a drab wall. We don’t want to see the "pinkie in the corner of the mouth" attempt to look “porno”, in other words stop having them pose like they are a porn star- we want to see the real personality of the girl in the photos- her smiling, caught off guard, not even paying attention to the camera.

50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft pretty girl pictures (cheesecake, clothed) to naked hardcore. Also, please get different angles-not just standing in front of the girl or couple like a sightseer or bystander. Get pictures from down low, some up-skirt, some over the shoulder looking into cleavage, some from outside the room looking in like a voyeur/peeping tom, some from a far distance (of something sexual or at least nudity).

GET SHOTS OF A GIRL'S BEST ASSET-great tits? Then get many shots and different angles of the tits. Great ass? Then get many angles of her ass- in underwear, slightly out, teasing the viewer, in add positions, etc. Beautiful face? Then show that off! A little heavier and Curvy? Then show off the extra curves-belly, ass, thighs, bulging out of tight clothing, etc. ENHANCE the assets!

Candid pics-not 108 poses in one place. We want to see shots from outside, some with clothes but still a little "suggestive" and sensual, some flashing tits and ass, some semi-public, some where you aren’t expecting to be photographed, some with eye contact, hardcore, soft-core, glamour, phone cam shots, self shot, FACEBOOK/MYSPACE STYLE, SELF-SHOTS IN MIRROR WITH A CELL PHONE, bending over getting dressed, coming out of the shower, waking up in bed, sitting on the toilet, smiling, laughing, in the midst of orgasm-a DIVERSE VARIETY will show us more than 50 shots kneeling on a bed staring at the camera. Please avoid acting like you are at a porn shoot or on a porn set!!! More like you are on vacation taking random sexy photos.

*Check out Homegrown Gallery for some of our favorite examples.


In a nutshell: 100 DIFFERENT pics are better than 25 pics each of 4 similar poses.


The pre-shoot footage can happen anywhere, so please try to be creative with it.

  1. Back-story: Should be 5 minutes or less, but if it’s going great and she has a really interesting story certainly don’t cut it off. Start out with girl sitting provocatively, but clothed, while being interviewed. Conversation style, you could even sit the camera down so that it's just like girl-talk and not so much you pointing a camera at her and asking questions.
  2. Soft-core (no pink): Should be 5 minutes or less, working into the next step. Take your time during the interview to let her strip and tease, keep it seductive and fun. This is where the interview can become more sexually explicit too.
  3. Hardcore: 5-10 minutes, then she starts sharing the sexual stories and more x-rated stuff etc. while touching or vibeing herself if she wants. All the while you’re moving the camera around getting the best body shots; down cleavage, shots of ass, up-skirt etc.
  4. Ask her if she's ready to try her first "_____", or ready to have her boyfriend come in or whatever she's ready for. Please don’t say “What are you here for today”, try to be creative.
  5. MAIN POINT ON CAM WORK- please do not just stand there pointing the cam at the girl-please try to shoot the interesting angles- up from floor level, down her blouse or bra over her shoulder, pan up and down her body slowly, etc.
  6. AVOID THE “BYSTANDER CAMGUY” STYLE, where camguy just stands 4-5 feet away pointing camera at the girl/couple. Get in CLOSE. Allow girl to hold camera and point it at herself here and there, at her face as well as the action.


No time limit on the raw video footage you can send anything from 15 minutes to 5 hours. We will make an offer based on usable length, quality of action, quality of shots.

Photos are expected with every submission. Please see photo guidelines above.

Should be REAL amateurs, in their homes. This series should only be for couples that are making it by themselves but if you are an experienced producer working with first timers that are looking for help then help them by working the camera only! Do not direct them in any way! This should be about what the couple likes to do and not what a director or producer wants to see.

No acting; let the couples do what comes naturally.


Amateur Anal Sex

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Girl needs to talk about anal sex. Should say it’s either her first time doing it or she's only tried it once before. Interview should include some hook about her always wanting to do anal and why. Be creative! Instead of just shooting the conversation, use the interview portion to get lots of “tease” performance.
  • Need a lot of shots where you see the anal insertion AND her face in the same frame-if it is doggie have her look back at camera or up at male talent. Need clean shots of close-up of insertion-no hands or fingers blocking the view when cock starts to go in.
  • Should end in facial or anal creampie, do post cumshot interview about how it felt, will she do it again, etc, get cleanup shots.
  • Need hi-resolution pictures; mainly soft-core glamour shots before scene. Also include some pictures of after scene-girl smiling with "jiz-face".
  • Box cover shots should have girl's ass and face in the same shot: bent over, pants or skirt pulled down but panties or thong on covering pink parts, looking over shoulder or some creative position that will have both her butt in panties and her smiling face in the same shot. Male talent can be in shot but not facing camera. High resolution, soft core.
  • Do not let hands or clothes cover the anal insertion shot -get hands out of the way of the camera shot-need full unobstructed view of insertion.
  • Some stopping and starting is OK – like anal action in real life, remember it is her “first attempt”-if she takes it too much like a pro it will be rejected.

Amateur Big Dicks

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Pre-shoot interview should include some hook about her always wanting a huge cock and why
  • Opening premise set up is that it’s a girl's first time with huge cock. For example, boyfriend is small, she always had the fantasy, wanted to see if she could take the whole thing, has a contest with her girlfriend's who could do the biggest, etc.
  • Action should include a blowjob and attempt at deepthroat -and boy/girl sex for 15-45 minutes with multiple positions -reverse cowgirl is a good one.
  • End in facial, keep rolling through cleanup shots.
  • Need hi-resolution pictures-mainly soft-core glamour shots before scene. Also include some pictures of after scene-girl smiling with "jiz-face".
  • Glam soft-core pictures should include male talent in them-from chest down, standing next to girl in her underwear, male wearing boxer briefs or wearing tighty whities with erect or almost erect penis covered by shorts for box cover pictures.
  • Basically girl is smiling or looking shocked-but not touching cock! It’s ok to have her arm wrapped around his leg or tugging at his underwear to emphasis his… BULGE!
  • Please get both photo AND VIDEO shots of full hard cock NEXT TO girl’s face-resting on her face between her eyes or cock extending straight out with girl’s face on other side of it with shocked look on her face (can be POV angle), pussy, ass-between ass cheeks. Need to see how big that cock really is!
  • Get more close-up shots! Use a wide angle when the camera is in a close-up and put the penis in the foreground and it will look much bigger. A big dick shot wide angle from across the room looks like a much smaller dick.

Amateur College Girls and Homegrown Girlfriends

  • Models should be between 18 and 21 years of age. Ending with the best facial possible.
  • Lots of panty tease – emphasis on cotton panties, no thongs please! No spiked heels or stripper style lingerie.
  • Wear little or no makeup! Try to avoid using models with tattoos or shoot to de-emphasize tattoos on models that do have them.
  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed, pretty girl pictures (girl in panties on bed, full angle from head to toe) to naked hardcore. Must include Facebook style & self-shot pics.
  • Sex scene must always be at least Boy/Girl but BBG and BGG is acceptable.
  • The pre-shoot interview should include: "when did you give your first bj", "what’s your best talents", "first boyfriend", “first kiss”, “wildest time”, “where was first sex moment”, “first masturbation” etc...
  • Stage a simple intro “pickup” sequence, where the model is “seduced” into having sex on camera. This should be her first time on video.
  • Ok for the female talent to occasionally look directly into the camera while she is having sex.
  • Highlighting shyness and innocence in the beginning but ok if the model is behaving like a wanton slut by the end.

Amateur Deepthroat Blowjobs

  • 15-30 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Get a 3-4 image progression of cock near mouth, in a little, in a lot, nose to stomach shot.
  • Short interview featuring the fact that it’s her very first time trying deep throat must say "I’ve never tried to do deep throat before, but I want to. I like the challenge!" “I’ve always wanted to try this!” focus on this!
  • Plenty of gagging and saliva, with very, very wet and slobbery ending with the best facial possible!
  • Girl must take it to the base-having her nose touch his belly.
  • Male talent MUST be well-endowed, or else it why call it “deep throat”.
  • Need to see lots of smiles and aggressiveness from the girl, but no coercion or forcefulness from the stud.
  • Get different positions, not just POV.

Amateur Girls with Hairy Pussies

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures (leave panties on but pull a little to side to show HAIR but NO PINK) to naked hardcore. Make sure to get photos of cum if on hairy bush.
  • Close-ups of bush are key. Always get pictures of bush with panties pulled down halfway to show top of bush and sides of bush, make sure the camera is focused!
  • The theme of this series is unshaven pussy. Be sure to have plenty of tease (10 or 15 minutes) featuring this detail, fingers playing with hair, wet panties with hair showing through, etc.
  • Please remember to focus on girl and her bush. Do a 2-3 minute interview with her asking questions about why she doesn’t shave, how long it’s been since she trimmed, her thoughts on going natural, the reaction she gets from sex partners, etc. You can ask her other questions about sex, too, but remember you are shooting for Bush lovers and they want to know these things, it adds to their fantasies!
  • When filming, make sure to show plenty of pubes but don’t lose track of everything else! Use a mix of vibes and dildos, and of course fucking and sucking. The male talent should be out of frame mostly unless he is fucking or getting head.
  • Plenty of toys and vibrators focus on insertion and hairiness.
  • Hairiness is focus -always try to have bush in the cam frame -even for BJ, do not let hands or clothes ever cover bush.

Amateur Handjobs

  • 15-30 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Get 6-8 pictures of girl with hard cock in hand smiling for a cover. Medium angle-from waist up to top of head, bare-breasted.
  • A short (2-3 minute) sex-oriented interview: possible questions "when did you give your first handjob", "do you know any neat techniques", "weirdest or funniest handjob story", “What you like to do”, “Oddest place gave a handjob” etc...
  • Lots of dirty talk to camera. Keep talking about giving hand jobs, stroking dick, etc.
  • Try to be creative! Suggestions: Do it in public, in a car, use honey for lube, wrap panties around the cock, blow smoke on it, shave it, etc…
  • Have them look into the camera and say things like “I love giving handjobs!” Dirty talk is KEY!

Amateur Lesbians

  • 30-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures (two girls hugging with clothes half undone, breasts exposed is ok but not pussy) to naked hardcore.
  • Girls should be younger between 18 and 25 ideally.
  • The theme of this series is young first-time (or close to it) lesbians.
  • An interview about lesbian experiences or desires: “what they like about girls”, “like to do to girls”, “have they had fantasies?”, “better than guys?” etc.
  • Please only hire women who want to be with other women. Nothing worse than a fake lesbian who looks scared of pussy.
  • Plenty of toys and vibrators.
  • Get plenty of sensuality i.e. KISSING.
  • Go for the natural look and avoid looking too much like porn stars!

Amateur Mature

  • Female talent should be 35 to 55 ideally. Cream pies or facials preferred.
  • 30-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pictures to naked hardcore.
  • 2-5 minutes of interview, ask about what it’s like to be older and making porn, what makes sex better when you are older and more experienced, etc.
  • 5-10 minutes of set up scenario and tease sequence.
  • Make sure the clothes don’t come off too quickly -bra pulled down, skirt lifted, panties pulled to the
  • side.
  • Lots of smutty dialog a plus!

Amateur MILFs & Housewives

  • Try to end in a facial; anal action is also a plus.
  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Use "Housewife" scenarios: Woman in bathrobe in Kitchen. Running late for work, run in pantyhose. Sex with the plumber, cable guy, etc. Mom out shopping meets guy in parking lot or store or mall. Be creative!
  • WOMAN SHOULD WEAR WEDDING RING, make sure to get photos and footage making it obvious there is a ring.
  • Don’t jump out of clothes too quickly and make sure to get plenty of partially clothed sex; the people are so horny they don’t even have time to take them off!
  • Woman should take cell calls from hubby, school teacher, daughter’s boyfriend etc. Re-introduce calls to remind viewer that the woman in scene is a naughty housewife.

Amateur Outdoor Sex

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage (including travelogue portions), with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Scenes should be shot in natural outdoor settings, beaches, fields, forests, mountains, valleys, etc.
  • Tease and foreplay action during the trip to and from the location is recommended.
  • Can be boy/girl, girl/girl, or three-way etc.
  • Go with an authentic documentary style of shooting, no fake premise or cheesy dialog, this is more like true amateur except using pro-am talent is acceptable.
  • Keep the conversation real, flirty, and sexual but don't overdo it, or in other words let the action speak for itself.
  • Leave the camera on after sex to get the clean up or running inside, etc.
  • Include some WIDE ANGLE SHOTS, like from across the yard or from a balcony above, to put it in perspective.
  • Try to get SEMI-PUBLIC FLASHING shots-lift skirt, lift down top, and show UP SKIRT as part of intro.

Big Tit Amateur Girls

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • Girls have to be amateurs with natural breasts No L.A. girls. They can be buxom and curvy and should be younger between 18 and 25 ideally.
  • Interview should talk about breasts: the size, when did she get her boobs, does she like them to be touched/rubbed/sucked, does she like the attention she gets because of them, etc., just keep the conversation on the boobs and use the time to get lots of teasing coverage of her cleavage, nipples showing through clothing, etc.
  • Focus on the breasts during filming. All BJ shots should include the breasts. Fucking shots should have tits in them too. Include tit-fuck as well.
  • Cum shot should be either on boobs/nipples, or in mouth with girl spitting it out to dribble on tits, then rubs it into her tits. Include cleanup or shower and after-sex footage.
  • Need to focus on tits. The undressing should be slower than normal, shots of cleavage, shots of her with see thru lace bra, jumping up and down, cupping them, etc.
  • Get shots from below looking up at her beautiful bosom and down her blouse.
  • Make sure to ALWAYS FLATTER THE BREASTS in the shot and include them in as many possible shots whether it is bj or fucking or whatever. Continue rolling cam as she gets dressed with focus on her putting bra back on.

Cream Pie

  • 20-60 min. raw video footage, with 50-200 digital pictures ranging from soft-core, cheesecake, clothed pretty girl pictures to naked hardcore.
  • The theme of this series is the focus on freshly fucked vagina that is filled with cum and watching it drip out! Make sure it is well lit, but not too “hot” (overlit) or we can't see the white cum oozing out of the pussy.
  • 2-3 minute interview about internal cum shots. Ask questions about creampie, like “how do you like it”, “does your man go down on you afterwards”, etc. This can be staged before or after the action.
  • Stage simple introductory sequence where cream pie is suggested, desired, coveted etc. and about 10 minutes of tease and spread pussy shots.
  • During and after the cum shot there should be a tight frame on the genitalia of the talent as the male pulls out the camera should catch every second with a close up on the vagina! No one should touch the inside or try to help with fingers just let it naturally come out, or have her try and squeeze it out!
  • Don’t move the Cream Pie! It is very important for girl not to move after cream pie-get her in position before the cum-shot. Once the guy cums, have him move out of the shot. Have girl stay still so the camera can get clear, well lit shot of the oozing cream pie. Keep that frame for at least 30 seconds! Get plenty of footage of oozing pussy and girls face in same frame (a medium shot).
  • A good position for the cream pie is girl in reverse cowgirl over guy-this way camera can get close up of oozing pussy for 20-30 seconds then pan out a bit to include girl's face in frame with oozing pussy.
  • Or have her on all fours-guy comes and just falls out of her-camera guy should shoot this at a slight angle from behind so he can zoom out a bit after the 30 seconds to show girl's face (have her turn her head back to look into camera).
  • You may need to practice a bit to find it, but since the whole point of this series is to show the Cream Pie, it’s very important you find the angle, lighting that works so we can see all the oozing.
  • After getting a good long shot of the pussy oozing and glazed with cum then see if her boyfriend will go down on her – and if he does then make sure to keep rolling until she cums and make sure to get her facial reactions in the shot too – this is very important to diehard cream pie fans and we will pay more for this level of action!
  • Try to capture the cream pie with pictures as well but do not do it while the video is running since the flashes tend to disrupt the video too much.

Curvy Amateur Girls

  • 20 to 60 minutes minimum, five minutes of introductory interview, ten minutes of seductive disrobing and tease, five to ten minutes of masturbation during which time the interview may or may not continue in order to maintain intimacy and encourage eroticism, finally twenty to thirty five minutes of sex.
  • Cum shots can be facials, cream pies, vagina, anus, toes, breasts, stomach.
  • Pretty girls, ranging from slightly overweight to BBW, should be coed age rather than older. Need to be pretty and sexual.
  • Interview should be about feeling sexy, how men react to their curves, etc.
  • Keep camera rolling during sex, making sure to get a variety of shots (wide, medium, close, extreme close) but not interfering with the action unless absolutely necessary. Shooting style can vary from POV to third person according to action.